eInvoicing - NSW Health Electronic Trading Policy

We welcome you to join us in an innovative path towards electronic business.

Electronic invoicing will enable NSW Health and our suppliers to conduct business in a more efficient and cost-effective manner to our mutual benefit.

Direct Interface

The Direct Interface EDI channel is a direct connection with NSW Health, utilising a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to automate the data transfer. The system validates the data integrity to ensure the information provided is correct and triggers an automatic notification to the supplier if validation is unsuccessful. This allows the supplier to rectify data errors and resubmit in a new interface file.

Further information will be made available detailing the requirements of file formats, field conditions and how to establish a connection for file transfer.

The diagram below details the progression of a Direct Interface.

Direct Interface diagram

Data Exchange (Hub) Provider

A Data Exchange (Hub) Provider, such as Pacific Commerce, acts as an intermediary between the supplier and buyer to provide an efficient electronic exchange of data, including Purchase Orders and Invoices with associated messaging. A Data Exchange (Hub) Provider is also able to accommodate diverse file formats, incorporating a variety of messaging standards to ensure that invoice information is exchanged between supplier and buyer securely, quickly and efficiently.

The Data Exchange (Hub) Provider allows full automation of the Supply Chain process, from Purchase Order transmission to Invoice payment.

The diagram below details the progression of a Data Exchange.

Data Exhange (Hub) Provider diagram

For more information on eInvoicing and invoice submission channels please review the NSW Health Suppliers - Invoice Submittal Guide.

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