Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy 2021-2024

HealthShare NSW is committed to building and attracting a workforce that reflects the communities we serve. We work to build an inclusive culture that empowers and enables individuals to feel safe, valued and supported within their work environment. We take an intersectional approach and value the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees and customers.

At HealthShare NSW, we:

  • celebrate and promote diversity, inclusion and belonging to empower our employees and enable individuals to feel safe, valued and supported at work
  • encourage all employees to be respectful of every individual to create a culturally safe workplace and constantly build a constructive culture
  • appreciate people with varied backgrounds and experiences because this means we create the opportunity and environment for a broader contribution and more varied thinking.

This all means that we can genuinely say that HealthShare NSW reflects the communities we serve. This strategy showcases what we have achieved as an organisation to date, and sets a framework for how we will support other emerging, diverse communities at HealthShare NSW over the coming years.

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