NSW Health have implemented a range of comfortable and functional uniforms for frontline staff that is standardised across the state.

The clinical range ensures each work stream – such as medical, nursing and midwifery, allied health, oral health – has their own individual colours, helping patients to easily identify members of their care team.

A corporate uniform range has been designed for non-clinical staff such as administration and patient support services.

The state-wide uniform allows employees to easily transfer between Local Health Districts (LHDs), eliminating the need to purchase new uniforms with each move.

An easy to navigate online ordering system is also in place, operating on a shopping cart system.

Using the system, staff can create an online profile that incorporates their individual measurements and preferences to allow them to personalise their wardrobe.

HealthShare NSW continues to work closely with our supplier to ensure delivery times and quality standards for uniforms are met.

For more information about the NSW Health uniforms, please email the Uniforms team.

NSW Health staff can also call the NSW Health State-wide Service Desk on Ph: 1300 28 55 33.

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