Food and Patient Support Services

Food and Patient Support Services provides quality meals to patients in NSW public hospitals and provides cleaning and security services to a number of Local Health Districts.

HealthShare NSW provides around 24 million meals each year for patients, including a variety of hot main meals and snacks.

New menus have been introduced around the state that comply with statewide nutrition standards and offer patients a greater choice of tastier food. Updated Food Services and dietary management software is improving business practices as well as the management of diet orders and patient meal preferences.

Bringing snacks to hospital safely

Guidelines for bringing occasional food to patients

My Food Choice

My Food Choice was introduced in 2017 as a new, more personalised way of serving patient meals in NSW public hospitals.

My Food Choice uses technology to cut the time between ordering and receiving meals to under 4 hours and gives patients a menu of up to 18 hot meals at lunch and dinner.

Innovative packaging Working together to build nutrition

HealthShare NSW ensures packaged food served in hospital is easier to open, supporting good nutrition for patients.

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