Our Aboriginal workforce – Jobs to Careers

At HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW we value a diverse workforce and want to strengthen our representation of Aboriginal people. We encourage, support and empower our Aboriginal employees to build sustainable careers with us.

Our key priorities


Expand the range of employment opportunities available


Foster Aboriginal staff development to progress careers


Support and develop our Aboriginal workforce


Continue to enhance staff knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture

  • 80% of employees completing Respecting the Difference Aboriginal Cultural training
  • 2.6% of employees are of Aboriginal background
  • 1.8% of employees of Aboriginal background are in leadership/management roles (tiers 1–4)

HealthShare NSW has made a commitment to increase diversity throughout our workforce, including representation of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

HealthShare NSW recognises the significant barriers Indigenous Australians face when securing employment. We have a dedicated Aboriginal Workforce Unit who implement targeted recruitment strategies to address these challenges and reduce the high levels of unemployment faced by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Our Aboriginal Employment Plan (PDF) sets out how we recruit and retain Aboriginal staff and foster their development so they can build sustainable careers with us.

Aboriginal employment and development

Jobs to Careers - Aboriginal Development Plan

Jobs to Careers: Aboriginal Development Program

The Jobs to Careers Aboriginal Development Program is designed to provide Aboriginal staff across HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW with a unique opportunity to build their skills and take part in a range of development opportunities.

The program is open to high performing, high potential Aboriginal staff at all levels in fulltime or part-time positions.

What our people say:

Renee Kamilaroi

Renee, Kamilaroi - Duty Manager, Patient Transport Service

"I like learning and growing, each day is very different. Coming from a strong harmonious cultural background, I enjoy working and implementing new ideas to help grow the business culture. I feel blessed to have opportunities to develop myself professionally by completing further study that is fully supported by the business."

Allan Wiradjuri man

Allan, Wiradjuri man - Driver, Cardiff Linen Service

"I have been with HealthShare NSW for seven years. I commenced learning the machinery for Linen and working on the belt, folding linen. I moved from sorting to transport/truck driving. HealthShare NSW has provided me with many opportunities to expand on my career. I find working for HealthShare a rewarding career."

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