Disability Employment Strategy

HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW chose 3 December – the International Day of People with Disability – to launch our Disability Employment Strategy.

This strategy aims to increase the workforce diversity of eHealth NSW and HealthShare NSW and make them employers of choice for people with disability by 2020.

The Disability Employment Strategy outlines the three key actions we will take to help us reach this goal:

  1. We will work with Disability Employment Agencies to seek people with the skills we need to join our teams.
  2. We will work with our staff to build their disability confidence and ensure that people of all abilities are valued and respected.
  3. We will take reasonable steps to provide safe, equitable and dignified access to our employees with disability and make this a key requirement of all new initiatives.

This strategy makes sense from every perspective. We know that a workforce that includes people from all walks of life does better in terms of innovation, engagement, and productivity. By actively seeking to employ people with disability we are opening ourselves up to a huge pool of talented people capable of making a significant contribution to our organisations.

And in embracing diversity we are also enabling people with disability to have opportunities to fulfil their potential.

The Disability Employment Strategy is about our decision to be enabling organisations that are inclusive of people of all abilities and that put accessibility front and centre of everything we do.

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