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HealthShare NSW - Partnering for Patients

HealthShare NSW supports NSW Health to deliver clinical care and help drive system-wide improvements.

As the largest government shared services organisation in Australia, HealthShare NSW is a statewide body of more than 7,500 employees who support the delivery of patient care in NSW Health. We play an increasing role in caring directly for public hospital patients, providing them with clinically appropriate transport, nutritious hospital meals, and a clean and comfortable hospital experience. We also support all NSW Health’s doctors, nurses, allied health and administrative teams by ensuring they have the supplies and equipment they need to do their jobs.

HealthShare NSW delivers essential state-wide services in the following areas:

We partner with local health districts and specialty health networks to make sure our patients have the best experience of the care we can deliver together. We also partner with suppliers across the state and around the globe to work towards economically and environmentally sustainable practices to support the whole of NSW Health. We deliver these services to achieve the outcomes that patients need, and to ensure that all staff, patients and the NSW community get the best use of the resources available to NSW Health.

Every year we make sure:

  • 170,000 NSW Health employees get paid
  • 19,000 people with a chronic health condition or disability in NSW get the help they need
  • 17,000 people with a chronic health condition or disability have their equipment repaired
  • 3 million different medical and surgical consumables worth $220 million are managed
  • 24 million meals are served to NSW public hospital patients
  • 400 metropolitan and regional Health sites get medical and surgical consumables delivered every day
  • 240,000 patients are transported a combined distance of 8.2 million km
  • 231,000 telephone enquiries regarding payroll, recruitment and supply chain enquiries are responded to
  • 197,000 email queries assisting NSW Health staff are responded to
  • 2.6 million supplier invoices for NSW Health are processed, worth $10.5 billion
  • 51.2 million clean bed sheets are supplied to NSW public hospitals
  • 80,000 ambulance medical kits are restocked.

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