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HealthShare NSW Strategic Plan 2020-2024 Partnering for patients

HealthShare NSW Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024

Our vision for HealthShare NSW is to connect with and understand the needs of our people, patients, NSW Health staff and the community. Our new strategic plan will guide our vision and key priorities for the next four years. Our Plan has been developed by our people, for our people; at the centre of our plan is what our people told us was important to them, ‘Partnering for patients’.

We want our local health districts to be successful, and to be part of that success.

- John Roach PSM, Board Chair

We invite NSW local health districts, communities, organisations and other key stakeholders across the state to read our Strategic Plan to develop a better understanding of who we are and how we are working to better serve patients across NSW Health.

HealthShare NSW 2020-2024 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan poster

The Strategic Plan on a page document/poster is a useful summary document of the 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan on a page document/poster

Our people, patients and health system partners are at the core of this Strategic Plan – and many of them contributed their ideas and insights to help us develop it. Thanks to them we have a Plan for the next four years that builds on our achievements of the past, but reflects the opportunities of the future.

- Carmen Rechbauer, Chief Executive

Our direction

Our new Strategic Plan has three pillars:

  1. Focus on people by supporting and caring for patients, nurturing a safe, constructive culture for our people to thrive and providing seamless support for NSW Health staff.
  2. Be sustainable by providing value-for-money health services, reducing NSW Health’s environmental footprint and future-proofing the organisation to be adaptable and resilient.
  3. Collaborate by supporting the timely delivery of care, using data insights to connect and innovate and drive system-wide improvements and change.

We will…

  • Focus on people
  • Be sustainable
  • Collaborate

Through these strategic directions…

  • Support and care for patients
  • Nurture a safe, constructive culture for our people to thrive
  • Provide seamless support for NSW Health staff
  • Provide value-for-money health services
  • Reduce NSW Health’s environmental footprint
  • Future-proof the organisation to be adaptable and resilient
  • Support the timely delivery of care
  • Use data insights to connect and innovate
  • Drive system-wide improvements and change

Successfully deliver...

  • A safe and constructive organisation that delivers excellent experiences for our people, patients and customers based on shared human needs.
  • An adaptable and resilient organisation that supports the health system to deliver better value care, reduce its environmental impact, and deliver services in times of need.
  • A trusted, transparent, and data-driven organisation that supports the health system to deliver care in a timely and innovative way and drives system benefits and change.

Successfully delivery infographic

What was achieved under the last strategic plan?

Our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan (PDF) united our organisation around shared goals and embedded a culture of accountability and achievement under four pillars. Some of our achievements from that Plan include:

  • 11% decrease in Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate
  • 19% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 84% reduction in on-scene cancellations and 25% reduction in patient waiting times in Patient Transport Service pilot
  • 8,200 hospital beds have My Food Choice, providing greater choice of meals
  • 2.7% reduction in costs by Linen Services.

Supporting the vision of NSW Health

HealthShare NSW’s vision aligns with the direction of the NSW Government and NSW Health. Our Strategic Plan reflects the health priorities of the NSW Health Strategic Priorities 19-20[PDF], NSW State Health Plan: Towards 2021[PDF] and aligns with the NSW Premier’s health priorities.

The 2019-2024 NSW Government agenda, as reflected in the Premier’s Priorities, places customers at the centre of its agenda which aligns with focus placed on the patient in throughout the Strategy. The NSW State Health Plan: Towards 2021 provides a strategic framework which brings together NSW Health’s existing plans, programs and policies and sets priorities across the system for the delivery of ‘the right care, in the right place, at the right time’.

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