Global location numbers

What is a GLN?

A GLN is a numeric identifier assigned to physical locations and legal entities. GLN is a key data element in electronic trading and in the publication of price information to NSW Health through the National Product Catalogue.

There are a number of GLN types as listed below:



the information recipient GLN for NSW Health is 9377778602936


physical sites where products may be delivered direct by Suppliers


business addresses where invoices may be forwarded for processing


legal entities where specific commodity prices may be as assigned

What are the NSW Health GLN range of numbers?

The following numbers are assigned to NSW Health:

  • 9377778602936 - Trading Partner Identifier for NSW Health
  • 9329537 - Global Company prefix allocated to NSW Health in 2000
  • 9348516 - Global Company prefix allocated to HealthShare NSW from 2014 onwards

The following number blocks are allocated for the purposes listed:

  • 9348516-00001 to 9348516-10000 - In use by NSW Health Pharmacy Departments as Global Trade Item Numbers also known GTIN for Locally Manufactured Products
  • 9348516-10001 to 9348516-99999 - In use for NSW Health locations including “Ship-to [Price]”, “Deliver-to” and “Bill-to” locations.

The NSW Health Price GLN Hierarchy

The Price Hierarchy for NSW Health is two tiered as follows:

  • Public Health Organisations (PHO)
  • TierNOTES
    1. Whole-of- state
    • Refers to the whole-of-state NSW (Health).
    • Commodities with prices assigned to the whole-of-state Price GLN are purchasable by ALL of NSW Health at the published whole-of-state price.
    • Further assignment of the whole-of-state price to individual business units GLN is NOT required.
    • Prices assigned to the whole-of-state GLN initiates the product information in NSW Health procurement systems. If publishing to a lower hierarchal level GLN (for example, for locally negotiated contract price deal with a local health district, hospital or business unit), a whole-of-state price MUST be published first to initiate product information in NSW Health’s Procurement System
    2. Public Health Organisations (PHO)
    • Incorporates NSW Health local health districts and other entities (known as operating units).
    • Prices assigned to PHO GLN overrides the mandatory whole-of-state prices and are purchasable by all business units within the PHO.
    • Each PHO is linked to appropriate internal Ship-to-locations below for the purpose of physical product delivery by suppliers.

    Key price GLN considerations

    All prices assigned to any GLN and published to the NPC for NSW Health ‘must' indicate the price expiry end date. This requirement is applicable for both contract and list prices.

    To ensure ongoing data currency and accuracy, the NSW Health system has been configured to:

    • Disable processing of Items that do not indicate price expiry end date; and
    • Disable processing of prices classified as “transactional”, as such price type includes freight and handling charges.

    Publication of NSW Health GLN in GS1 Locatenet

    NSW Health Price GLN are published to trading partners through GS1 Locatenet. Locatenet is a national directory of Healthcare GLN endorsed by all state and territory health departments. For more information please go to

    Price GLN and visibility of prices

    • Prices (of commodities) published to NSW Health through the National Product Catalogue are processed in accordance with price assignments based on the Price-GLN hierarchy.
    • Within the NSW Health State Based Oracle system, although the purchase-ability of items is restricted based on Price-GLN assignments, such prices although not purchasable by others, are visible to NSW Health Oracle system users within the state.

    Ensuring GLN currency of information

    It is highly recommended that NSW Health Price GLN information is accessed via Locatenet instead of obtaining information by phone, email or by any other means. This ensures up-to-date information from the correct source.

    Note that other types of GLN like Deliver-to and Bill-to are not yet published in Locatenet, due to an ongoing cleansing process.

    For more information about NSW Health GLN please contact:

    Catalogue Services, HealthShare NSW
    Phone: 1800 822 350

    For more information about Locatenet please contact:

    GS1 Australia Quality Services

    Phone: 1300 227 263

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