Elevating the Human Experience: environment and hospitality

Elevating the human experience is the NSW guide to action for patient, family, carer and caregiver experiences. Delivering an exceptional experience can make a world of difference to patient recovery.

Date published: 08 Jul 2021

Author: Alyssa Faith

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For many patients, how care is delivered is just as important as the care itself. Feedback shows that being treated with respect and kindness, having questions answered and knowing what is happening is just as important as the clinical treatment people receive.

Often the interactions patients have with non-clinical staff like cleaners, receptionists and patient support teams have as much impact as their dealings with clinicians.

Elevating the human experience isn't just about delivering an exceptional patient experience: it's also about making that experience an empowering one for everyone involved in receiving and providing care.

The Guide to Action highlights seven enablers that, together, will help us to elevate the human experience for everyone who comes in contact with NSW Health.

In the video above, HealthShare NSW Chief Executive, Carmen Rechbauer, speaks about the seventh enabler, ‘environment and hospitality’, and how HealthShare NSW is striving to ensure patients feel “at home” whilst in hospital with a focus on continuity of services between clinical and non-clinical staff.

Priority initiatives within this enabler are to:

7a. Create a warm, clean, and welcoming physical environment that is conducive of feelings of wellbeing and care.

7b. Optimise amenities that support a better patient and carer experience.

7c. Consider cultural appropriateness in the design of physical space.

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