Online availability for casuals


HealthShare NSW is introducing a new way for you to share your availability with your manager online. You will now be able to record when you can and can’t work using Employee Online. Your manager will be able to view your availability in real time through HealthRoster, and use this information to know when to offer you shifts.

Adding availability in EOL for casuals

Casual employees can now record their availability online. Availability can be updated at any time on any device that has internet access. Watch this short video to see how.

Frequently asked questions

Why are we moving to Online Availability?

Online Availability saves time for both casuals and managers. The new process increases your flexibility to update your availability anywhere, at a time that suits you.

You can keep track of the availability you have recorded using your mobile, or any other device with an internet connection. Online Availability means you have more ownership by allowing you to record your availability as far in advance as you like.

How can I get more information on Casual Online Availability?

There is an information pack for casuals with information on Online Availability, including how to access the training module. For more information you can speak with your manager or download the information pack.

Do I need to submit my availability online to be given a shift?

It is best to record your availability online as soon as you know when you can and can’t work. Casual Online Availability will save you and your manager time by knowing when you are available before they offer you a shift. Managers can still offer you a shift if you have not recorded your availability online, however they will encourage you to do so.

How far in advance should I record my availability?

Casuals should record their availability at least 2 weeks in advance.

How do I record my availability if I don’t have a mobile phone?

You can log into Employee Online (EOL) from a computer either at home or at work to record your availability. If you are having difficulties finding an available computer at work, speak with your manager for help.

How do I put in my availability if my system is temporarily unavailable?

(e.g.EOL is having problems opening on my device)

Try restarting your device and then reopen EOL. Check your internet access — if you are out of reception you may not be able to access EOL until you have an internet connection.

If you see this error message ‘HealthRoster is undergoing maintenance’, delete the EOL shortcut saved on your mobile and follow the guide on 'How to save EOL to your mobile' and log in again.

Who can I contact if I have forgotten my Log in and Password details?

Your log in details are the same as your Stafflink log in details. Your employee number is your username. If you need your password reset you contact the State Wide Service Desk (SWSD) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 28 55 33 (Option 2, option 2 again).

Can I cancel a shift online after I have been rostered by saying that I am not available?

Shifts cannot be cancelled online. You will need to contact your manager to cancel a shift.

How far in advance can I record my availability and unavailability?

You can record availability or unavailability for as far in advance as you like. Use the arrows at the top of the calendar in EOL to record your availability for the future. Make sure you update EOL if your availability changes.

Can I change my availability for today’s date in EOL?

You can add new availability for today, however you cannot remove availability for today’s date. This is because your roster manager would be planning for today’s shifts based on who is available. If you think your plans are likely to change, update your availability at least 1 day in advance. Remember that if you want to work a shift; your manager will be searching for people who have said they are available first.

How do I record my availability?

Log into EOL and drag and drop the shift tiles

For more information complete the online training module for casuals or see the guide on Entering casual availability in EOL in the information pack for casuals. To locate the online training module for casuals, please see the guide on How to Access Training Modules in the information pack for casuals.

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