Our staff with a disability or long term health condition

The best organisations have staff from many different backgrounds. People with long term health or other conditions affecting them in their daily life bring a unique perspective to their work and open us up to new ideas.

Our key priorities


Expand the range of employment opportunities available


Assist staff to develop and advance their careers


Ensure our staff can access workplace adjustments


Enhance awareness of the capabilities of people with a disability

  • Representation of staff with a health or other condition to reach 5% by 2020 for both HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW
  • 80% of recruiting managers have completed the My Health Learning ‘Employment: People with Disability’ training module by 2020
  • 80% of staff have completed the Public Service Commission Disability Awareness Training module by 2020
  • Increase manager knowledge about workplace adjustments and how to access these on behalf of their staff

Targeted positions

Targeted positions are mainstream positions that are filled using advertising and recruitment strategies that maximise the number of applications from people with a disability or long term health condition.

Workplace adjustments

Workplace adjustments are changes that enable a person with a disability or long term health condition to do their job. Changes may be made to the furniture or equipment you use, the way you do your job, your working hours, how others communicate with you, or the work environment.

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