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HealthShare NSW is the largest public sector shared services organisation in Australia. It is a statewide body of more than 6,500 employees who support the delivery of patient care in NSW Health.

HealthShare NSW saves NSW Health around $60 million per annum through:

  • Human resource services such as payroll, employee support and recruitment
  • Financial services such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger and reporting
  • Food and patient support
  • Linen services
  • Procurement
  • EnableNSW, which assists people with a disability to live and participate in the community
  • Patient Transport Service

Today, and on any given business day, our organisation:

  • Serves more than 65,000 meals to patients
  • Supplies 110 tonnes of clean linen to hospitals
  • Manages the pays of 146,000 NSW Health employees
  • Processes for NSW public hospitals nearly 12,000 accounts payable invoices valued at $72 million
  • Transports more than 520 non-emergency patients
  • Manages for NSW public hospitals the supply of 13,500 lines of medical and surgical supplies valued at $720,000
  • Delivers 362,000 items of linen to NSW public hospitals
  • Travels 19,600km for linen collections and deliveries
  • Provides 260 equipment items and services to people with disability
  • Organises equipment repairs for 80 people with disability
  • Manages 150 kitchens in NSW public hospitals
  • Manages more than 986 non-emergency patient transport phone calls
  • Assists 136 people with disability
  • Dispatches more than 98 non-emergency vehicle shifts

Statewide services provided by HealthShare NSW include:

HealthShare NSW is well positioned to pursue efficiencies and to capitalise on economies of scale, with annual recurrent savings to date in the order of $50 million per annum.

Underpinned by our strategic direction - To be a valued and trusted partner delivering competitive services to NSW Health - HealthShare NSW’s Strategy 2017-2020 will guide our organisation from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2020.

Download the HealthShare NSW Strategy 2017-2020 (PDF).

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