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We are... people helping people deliver excellent healthcare.About Us

HealthShare NSW is the largest government shared services organisation in Australia. It is a statewide body of more than 7,500 employees who support the delivery of patient care in NSW Health.

HealthShare NSW saves NSW Health around $90 million per year through:

Every year, we:

  • Serve 24 million meals to NSW public hospital patients
  • Supply 39 million tonnes of clean linen to NSW public hospitals
  • Manage wages for 170,000 NSW Health employees
  • Process 2.6 million supplier invoices for NSW Health worth $10.5 billion
  • Complete 240,000 patient transfers
  • Manage 3 million different medical and surgical supplies worth $201 million
  • Travel 8.2 million km transporting NSW public hospital patients
  • Help 19,000 people with a chronic health condition or disability in NSW
  • Organise equipment repairs for 17,000 people with a chronic health condition or disability
  • Manage 150 public hospital kitchens
  • Save an estimated 205 million litres of water

Each day we manage the delivery of medical and surgical supplies to 400 metropolitan and regional sites across NSW.

We use fewer chemicals in our laundries to reduce our environmental impact and use LED lighting around the state to reduce energy consumption.

Underpinned by our strategic direction - To be a valued and trusted partner delivering competitive services to NSW Health - HealthShare NSW’s Strategy 2017-2020 (PDF) will guide our organisation from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2020.

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