Notice to Vendors

As of 14 July 2011, Small Businesses (where Small Business is defined as a supplier that has an annual turnover of less than $2 million per annum) will be paid within 30 days where conditions are met under the recently released NSW Government Policy on Payment of Accounts for any new invoice submitted for payment from that date.

Small Businesses can register with supporting documentation conforming to that definition with HealthShare NSW as set out in the following advice which will entitle that business to have their invoices paid from the date of invoice receipt within 30 days. Where that does not occur, a penalty will be imposed on NSW Health organisations in the form of an interest payment where the amount calculated is greater than $20.00. This interest payment provision will come into effect after 1 January 2012.

Use of Purchase Orders

NSW Health has written to all suppliers reminding them of its policy requiring that valid purchase orders be used for the procurement of goods and services. To receive the benefits of the NSW Government Payment of Accounts Policy, only invoices that produce a valid purchase order number will be eligible.

Date of Effective Invoice Receipt

Recent advice has been circulated reminding suppliers that the Bill to Address for all Vendors is to be the HealthShare NSW Service Centres on behalf of their Customer Local Health District or Health Agency. This is to ensure the most efficient processing time. The billing address will be provided on the purchase order.

The effective date of receiving a correctly rendered invoice will be that date the respective Service Centre receives that invoice, not the date a Health Service receives the invoice if for any reason the invoice should have been redirected by the supplier to travel with the goods or services supplied.

Interest Payable

Interest on late payment of Small Business invoices will not commence until after 1 January 2012 and after that date will be payable on delayed payments where the interest calculated is greater than $20.00 where the above conditions are met.

How to Register

Step 1 - Download and complete the small business registration form

Step 2 - Provide supporting documentation

  • In order for your registration to be processed you must provide one of the following forms of supporting documentation
Documentation Explanation
Accountant's letter A letter from a qualified accountant confirming that the business is an Australian business and has an annual turnover of less than $2 million.

Business Activity Statements for the most recently complete financial year.

Statutory Declaration The content of the statutory declaration must contain the following information:

I, (full name of applicant) of (address), do apply for registration as a small business for the purposes of the NSW Department of Health's Policy for Small Businesses.

(Small Business Name)
(Business address)

I state that (Small Business Name) is an Australian business which has an annual turnover of less than $2 million.


Step 3 - Fax or email the completed application form and supporting documentation to

  • Email - 
  • Fax - 02 8797 6004
  • Where a Small Business has a query in relation to this initiative please call 1300 883 965.
Customers of HealthShare NSW Service Centres
Organisation Abbreviation
Ministry of Health MoH
Illawarra / Shoalhaven Local Health District ISLHD
South East Sydney Local Health District SESLHD
North Sydney Local Health District NSLHD
Central Coast Local Health District CCLHD
Hunter New England Local Health District HNELHD
Mid North Coast Local Health District MNCLHD
Northern NSW Local Health District NLHD
Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District NBMLHD
Western Sydney Local Health District WSLHD
Justice Health (Forensic Mental Health Network) JH
Sydney Children's Hospital Network SCHN
HealthShare NSW  HSUPP
Far West Local Health District FWLHD
Western Local Health District WLHD
Murrumbidgee Local Health District MLHD
Southern Local Health District SOLHD
South Western Sydney Local Health Network SWSLHD
Sydney Local Health Network SYDLHD
NSW Ambulance AMB
Agency for Clinical Innovation ACI
Bureau of Health Information BHI
Clinical Excellence Commission CEC
Cancer Institute CI
Health Education and Training Institute HETI
Health Infrastructure HI
NSW Kids & Families NKF
Health System Support Group HSSG
NSW Health Pathology NSWHP

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