Catalogue Management

NSW Health Catalogue

The NSW Health State-wide Catalogue is comprised of the Health Item Master File (HIMF).

The HIMF is a list of generically described products that are procured by HealthShare NSW for Local Health Districts and other Public Health Organisations.

Some exceptions to the generic product description concept exist within this catalogue to accommodate requirements of customers and the procurement process, such as equipment specific items, pharmaceuticals and other specialised commodities.

Master Catalogue Information System – Catalogue Web Search

To assist Local Health Districts and other health agencies in the requisition and procurement processes, a web-based tool called the Master Catalogue Information System – Catalogue Web Search (MCIS – CWS) is available either through the HealthShare NSW intranet or through the Local Health District intranets.

This web search tool provides approved users access to:

  • Product and Pricing Information as published by Suppliers onto the National Product Catalogue
  • State Based Build of the Oracle Financial Management Information System from 2007 to present (updated nightly)
  • Health-specific contract pricing schedules provided by HealthShare NSW's Business Procurement Services team
  • Selected non-Health Specific contract pricing schedules directly extracted from NSWBuy
  • The Health Item Master File (includes Hospital Pharmacy Product List and Surginet Products).

National Product Catalogue

NSW Health consistent with other state and territory health jurisdictions and private hospitals access the National Product Catalogue (NPC) for product information including prices. The NPC implementation in NSW Health is managed by HealthShare NSW.

For more information on the HealthShare NSW implementation of the NPC please refer to the following documents:

Product Image Project

NSW Health is now able to receive and display project images in a number of internal procurement information systems. The Product Image Project supplements information published to NSW Health through the NPC and existing product information stored in appropriate internal procurement information systems.

For more information about the Product Image Project:

View the National Product Catalogue

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