NSW Health Supplier Portal

Our new Supplier Portal allows suppliers to track invoices and payments through our Accounts Payable system.

The new electronic system gives suppliers flexibility and more control, making the system faster and more efficient and ultimatly improving timeliness of invoice payment.

Sign up for the Supplier Portal and track invoices from 24 hours after submission electronically.

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The NSWH Supplier Portal includes the following functions:

  • Invoice inquiry
    This allows users to view real-time updates on the status of invoices including paid, awaiting payment and hold information.
  • Payment inquiry
    Payment details available include payment number, amount and referring invoice details.
  • Submit individual invoice
    This allows for submission of a single invoice with an image of the invoice attached. Please note that any invoices that are submitted must contain a valid NSWH Oracle purchase order number.
  • Multi-invoice load
    This allows for electronic submission of multiple invoices via upload of a single file.
  • Purchase order inquiry
    View real-time purchase order information including PO item details, ship-to location and overall status.
  • Generate reports
    This allows users to extract information from the Portal by populating required parameters.

Supplier Portal FAQs

What is the NSWH Supplier Portal?

The NSWH Supplier Portal is a secure, password protected online web-based portal that offers instant access to your invoices and payment information.

How can I get access to the NSWH Supplier Portal?

Currently access to the NSWH Supplier Portal is by invitation only whilst the project is in the pilot phase. Please contact Accounts Payable for further information.

Contact Accounts Payable:

If you are unsure of who to contact or send your invoices to, please see the full list of health entities and the relevant contact details following:

Accounts Payable Health Entity Service Centre Contact Lists.

What can I use the NSWH Supplier Portal for?

You can access invoice and payment information online, and review the status. You can search for paid and unpaid invoices, as well as invoices that are available for payment.

All search results can be exported into Excel to assist in reconciliation of accounts. Real time access helps reduce time-consuming, routine inquiries to HealthShare NSW Accounts Payable.

I have received a payment, how do I know what invoices are being paid?

Within the NSWH Supplier Portal, use the payment inquiry function to search using the payment number. All invoices associated to that payment will appear in the results table.

I can’t remember my Supplier Portal username and/or password?

Save time and reset your password online by clicking the “Forgot your password?” button on the Supplier Portal login screen.

If your password reset attempt is unsuccessful seek further assistance from our portal support team, the State Wide Service Desk on 1300 28 55 33 and press option 2 then option 2.

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