Linen truck fleet raises the bar on safety even higher

8 October 2018

Road safety has taken another leap forward with the installation of new Mobileye Collision Avoidance System technology in our Linen truck fleet.

“In July we became the first in Australia to fit Mobileye technology into our new trucks. Our team at Illawarra Linen Service was the first to take delivery. We now have this fitted in trucks at Parramatta, Newcastle, Wagga and Lismore Linen Services,” said John Weeks, Fleet & Logistics Manager for Linen Services.

The Mobileye Collision Avoidance System is the latest advancement for preventing vehicle crashes and the only system in the industry to incorporate truly comprehensive real-time warnings and alerts. It uses an intelligent vision sensor that works like a bionic eye to identify potential threats on the road, such as vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians. The distance and relative speeds of these objects are continuously measured to calculate the risk of collision.

“The feedback I’ve had from my drivers using this new technology is that their situational awareness has improved out of sight. They are really in favour of this and feel it’s a great safety initiative,” said John McCreary, Operations Manager at Illawarra Linen Service.

“I believe the introduction of Mobileye technology will drastically reduce our drivers’ overall chance of a collision. It will improve driving habits in real-time and provide a sense of the vehicle's position within the lane and in relation to other vehicles in traffic,” said John Weeks.

“Situational awareness is a key safety element in driving. We want our drivers to be safe on the road and go home to their families at the end of their shift,” he said.

HealthShare NSW has five trucks with this technology on the road with five more due by the end of year. By 2020 all our Linen trucks should have this fitted.

This is not the first time our Linen truck fleet has been at the forefront of new technology. In 2017 the team set a new benchmark in the transport industry when they introduced a new truck body design to enable them to transport items more efficiently.

“We co-developed and introduced the first automated tailgate barrier systems into the global market place. We now have 11 trucks fitted with this world class technology with a further five new trucks coming by the end of 2018,” said John Weeks.

Key benefits of Mobileye

  • Daylight pedestrian collision warning, including bicycle detection
  • Forward collision warning, both in highway and urban areas, including motorcycle detection
  • Lane departure warning
  • Headway monitoring and warning
  • Traffic sign recognition

What our drivers say

“Mobileye is a great investment for our fleet vehicles, it's another tool us truckies can use to make our jobs safer and easier. Its greatest feature is its ‘lane departure warning’ which alerts when a lane deviation occurs without proper signal notification. This is great for fatigue management, lowers fatality rates and helps eliminate micro sleep crashes." Dave Berry, Newcastle Linen Service.

“I experienced city driving as well highway driving with this device and found it to be a very useful. It will indicate if you are travelling too close to another vehicle or if you aren't driving between the marked lanes on the road. The beeping coming from the device always gets your attention. I highly recommend that it is fitted to the rest of the fleet." Jamie Kelly, Newcastle Linen Service.

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