HealthShare NSW’s successful mentoring program

31 January 2019

Following a successful pilot, HealthShare NSW’s mentoring program has been launched in five business lines.

The program provides employees across the organisation with the opportunity to benefit from having the support of a mentor.

“We currently have 34 mentored pairs in the program from Procurement, Workforce, Business Performance, Clinical Support Services and Finance and have had great feedback from the people involved,” said Senior Culture and OD Specialist Kerry Fallon Horgan.

Some of the feedback from participants includes:

“Found it a really positive experience making me reflect more during the week, helps me be mindful on a day to day basis”

“Allowed (the mentee) to prioritise personally and professionally. Rewarding for both of us”

“Very productive, got a lot of insight, challenged me to action”

Chief Executive Carmen Rechbauer is involved in the program as a mentor and is a big supporter, saying “Providing mentoring in an organisation is very important to nurture a supportive culture. I have found the structured approach this mentoring program offers very helpful. The program provides focus for both the mentor and mentee. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and feel far more confident in providing the appropriate support.”

Mentors and mentees in the pilot program expressed benefits both for themselves and for the business as a result of the program, which include:

  • increased commitment
  • better people management
  • better prioritisation of objectives
  • increased confidence in their role
  • greater diversity of options
  • wider organisational perspective
  • increased reflection and learning
  • perseverance in challenging circumstances.

The mentoring program is supported by UGM Consulting, who provides a structured process that enables the program to achieve its goals.

The program involves:

  • workshops for mentors and mentees that clarify expectations and provide a portfolio of practical skills and strategies that underpin mutually rewarding mentoring conversations
  • post workshop learning alerts to reinforce the workshop learnings
  • mentoring support teleconferences and
  • program evaluation.

“We are excited by the opportunities this program brings to both mentors and mentees and in driving our “Blue” Constructive Culture that supports our leaders’ development and helps them achieve challenging goals,” said Kerry.

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