Gender Equality Action Plan


Continue to employ, internally grow and develop women in leadership and senior management roles.


  1. A professional development program
    Support a group of identified female leaders into higher levels of leadership.
  2. ‘Skip’ conversations
    Encourage communication and discussion between leaders and their indirect reports at least once a year.
  3. Flexible work practices
    Make this consistent across the organisation by developing a communications and advocacy campaign on flexible workplace practices.
  4. Extended leave / return to work support plan
    Develop a plan to include agreement on how the employee would like to be engaged while they are on extended leave.
  5. Shadow for a day (or longer)
    Offer employees the opportunity to shadow their supervisor/manager or team leader once a year or more often.
  6. Succession planning
    Continue to progress with identifying successors for roles.
  7. Job advertisements
    Review job ads to ensure gender neutral language is used and ensure transparency around new appointments
  8. Increase networking opportunities
    Make accessible for all employees across the organisation
  9. Establish goals and targets
    Make these actions measurable to track progress
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