Women in leadership

Carmen, Jennifer and Elizabeth

HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW are committed to supporting and encouraging women’s career progression by continuing to employ, grow and develop women into leadership and senior management roles.

Our Gender Equality Action Plan sets out the steps we will be taking as an organisation to ensure we move towards greater gender equality in our workplace.

Delivering on our first step of the Action Plan, eHealth NSW will be running professional development programs as part of the Women’s Development Series, to equip women with the leadership skills to build their careers at eHealth.

International Women’s Day 2018

Celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018, staff across HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW were invited to hear from guest speakers Dr. Margaret Byrne and networking strategist Robyn Henderson at a special forum held in Chatswood. Robyn Henderson spoke about the power of networking, and how to utilise networking to enable career progression. Sharing her insights of gender equality in the workplace, Dr. Byrne highlighted the importance of creating and sustaining an inclusive workplace culture, and shared her tips for success in achieving this.

Dr. Byrne’s tips for encouraging an inclusive workplace

Five things women can do for career progression:

  1. Manage up and across. Learn how to influence
  2. Be seen, participate and speak up
  3. Develop your executive competence
  4. Learn how to design a short, succinct, compelling argument – a ‘pitch’
  5. Use the latest research findings to help you set and achieve goals that matter to you.

Five things men can do to ensure an inclusive culture:

  1. Question when you notice a lack of women
  2. Use inclusive language, behave inclusively
  3. Encourage women colleagues to step up
  4. Call out any inappropriate behaviour you witness
  5. Ensure women get credit for their contributions.

Five things Managers can do to ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace culture:

  1. Make sure everyone in your team feels they belong and can contribute
  2. Take the time to spot talent
  3. Encourage good people to develop ‘executive’ skills
  4. Get a range of data when you’re promoting. Don’t overlook someone because they may be less likely to ask for the role
  5. Investigate: are only certain types of people making progress? Why? Ask questions.

Top 50 Public Sector Women in NSW

Highlighting our success in the commitment to develop and grow our staff, HealthShare NSW celebrated two inspiring leaders being named among the Top 50 Public Sector Women in NSW for 2018.

Carmen Rechbauer, Executive Director of Clinical Support Services, and Jennifer Van Cleef, Director of Patient Support Services, received the prestigious award in recognition of their achievements as exceptional leaders, and as role models in supporting and encouraging other women within the NSW Public Sector.

Since receiving the award, both Jennifer and Carmen have been promoted within HealthShare NSW. Carmen is now HealthShare NSW’s Chief Executive and Jennifer is A/Executive Director, Clinical Support Services.

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