Targeted positions and confirmation of your disability status

What are targeted roles?

Targeted roles are ones to which people with long term disability or activity limitation will be preferentially recruited. Mainstream applications are only considered if there are no suitable applicants with disability.

What is disability?

There are many different kinds of disability. These can result from accidents, illness or genetic disorders and can affect people’s ability to participate in work, family and society. For example, disability can affect a person’s vision, hearing, mental health, mobility, dexterity and capacity to learn. It may also include conditions such as narcolepsy, epilepsy, dyslexia, and autism or Asperger’s.

For the purpose of eligibility for targeted positions, applicants must have disability that is long term and likely to last more than 12 months.

Confirmation of disability status if applying for a targeted role

Applicants may be asked to provide verification that they are a person with disability, in which case, the following would be acceptable mechanisms:

  • Confirmation that they are a client of Disability Employment Agency or Service
  • Confirmation in writing from a medical practitioner or a report by a relevant health professional

How do I know if it is a targeted role?

All job advertisements for targeted roles will include the following statement:

“People with disability are eligible for this position as authorised by the HealthShare NSW EEO Management Plan in accordance with Section 63 of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act). In the event there are no suitable applicants with disability, mainstream applications will be considered” (or similar for eHealth NSW).

In addition, the selection criteria for the position will include the following question:

“Are you a person with disability?”

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