Addressing selection criteria

HealthShare NSW wants to employ people from all backgrounds including people with disability. Working with us gives you the chance to have an interesting job that helps the doctors, nurses and patients in hospitals.

How do I apply for a job at HealthShare NSW?

Jobs are advertised online at

It is very important to write a good application. This helps to make sure that you get an interview.

What are “selection criteria”

“Selection criteria” describe what you need to be able to do and what you need to know to do the job. The person who has advertised the job will read what you have written to decide whether to interview you or not.

Selection criteria have sentences that often begin with:

  • Ability to …
  • Demonstrated experience …
  • Proven ability …
  • Experience in …
  • Knowledge of …
  • Qualifications in …

Writing your selection criteria

The first step is to make sure you carefully read the Position Description. This helps you to understand what the job is about.

You can contact the person whose name is on the advertisement to find out more about the job.

You must write something about how you are able to do the all the things that are written in the selection criteria.

A good response

Remember that you must write something about how you are able to do each part of the job.

A good response includes:

  • An opening sentence that talks about the parts of this job that you are good at doing
  • A sentence that says where you have had experience doing this type of job
  • An example of when you have done part of your job very well
  • An example of when you have received an award or compliment for doing a good job

A good response uses active statements, such as “I achieved…”, “I implemented…”, I ensured…”.

An example of a good response to a selection criteria

Sample selection criteria: Demonstrated experience in food preparation services and a knowledge of food preparation, and hygiene and infection control procedures.

Sample answer:

I have a lot of experience and knowledge in food preparation, hygiene and infection control procedures. I have been working in the St Mary’s Nursing Home at Parramatta for the last five years. I am part of a team that is responsible for preparing, cooking and serving meals for the 60 people who live there. I have a Certificate in Safe Food Handling. I wash my hands regularly and wear gloves and a hairnet while I am working. This is important to make sure that bacteria is not transferred onto food to be eaten by patients. I also make sure the food is stored at the right temperature so that it doesn’t get spoiled.

A final note

Be honest about the things that you are good at and the experience you have. Give yourself lots of time to prepare your application. It’s a good idea to get someone else to look at your application before you submit it. Make sure that you also check your spelling and grammar.

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